– Senior Applied Scientist at Zillow.

– Ph.D. in Statistics from Michigan State University.

Success is a cumulative advantage. So, I try to make today’s myself wiser than yesterday’s me. As a deployment strategy, I mix my analytical and programming skills to implement smart techniques in a smarter way into the production environment. I do believe that AI can build a “better” future if we set the correct optimization function.

My Statistical and Analytical skills include

  • Deep Learning (Perceptron learning, CNN, RNN, LSTM, . . .)
  • Time Series Analysis (Forecasting, Data Quality, Root Cause Analysis, . . .)
  • AutoML
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Classification Models
  • Recommender Systems
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Social Network Modeling
  • Spatial Econometrics Modeling
  • Operations Research

I am experienced in using various programming languages, packages and technologies like

  • Python
  • Tensorflow, PyTorch
  • Big Data technologies (Hive, Presto, Spark, Hadoop, . . .)
  • C++
  • R

My software engineering skills include writing requirements, writing production codes, testing/validation, writing unit tests, maintenance.